What is a three-track total of corners

Three-way total (or “total goals”) – bets on the total number of goals in a match, where you need to choose one of three outcomes: over, exactly, or less than the specified value. Other names for this total: three way total, 3way total. As a rule, the bet can only be found on football events.

For example, three-way total 2:

  • three-way total is more than 2 – you need to have at least 3 goals in the match (3-0, 3-2);
  • three-way total is exactly 2 – there must be exactly 2 goals in the match (1-1, 2-0);
  • three-way total is less than 2 – the match must have a maximum of 1 goal (1-0, 0-0).

Three-way is not popular with players. Therefore, bookmakers do not offer it so often in their lines (available in 1xBet, Melbet, Leon). In the lines of these bookmakers, you can also find an individual three-way total. That is, for a specific team (hosts or guests). In addition, there is a three-way total for statistics. For example, the number of yellow cards or corners.


According to statistics, the average number of goals in a match is 2.5. Alternatively, place 3 bets on the same amount on the outcomes: exactly 1 goal, exactly 2 goals and exactly 3 goals (three-way totals). The odds offered by the bookmaker allow you to make a profit at this rate if goals are scored in the range of 1-3 in the match. Ideally, Dutching is the best bet for these types of bets .

A similar tactic can be applied to corner kicks . Typically 8 to 12 corners are served in a soccer match. You can try to set 5 three-way totals exactly by choosing values ​​from this range. For example, 5 bets of 100 rubles each. Large quotes for these outcomes will allow you to get profit (if, of course, you fall within this interval).


We advise you to compare the odds for the three-way and classic total.

For example, a three-way total is over 2 and TB 2.5. These are equal bets in which the same odds should be.But this is not always the case. In the line of ONE BOOKMEKER, you can also find minor discrepancies in quotations, as in the Juventus – Porto match. Example from 1xBet.

three-way total


  • Classic total (TB 2.5) – 1.84.
  • Three-way (More than 2) – 1.86.

The bets have the same value (the number of goals must be strictly more than two), but there is a minimum difference in the odds. In this case, it is more profitable for the player to bet on the three-way total.

The bet on total 3way (three-way) will especially appeal to fans of large odds. If you guess the exact number of goals, then 4 is the minimum quote you can bet on. In case you are lucky and you predict the number of corners, you can count on