What does the three-track total mean in soccer

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Bookmakers always offer wide listings for football matches. Among the many proposals there are totals for corners in the halves and in the match. For the first and second halves, the total can be 4.5 or 5.5. For the whole match, the total values ​​for corners are usually 9.5, 10.5, sometimes 11.5.

In this article, we will consider the strategy of betting on total over corners. You can bet on the whole match and in the second half. The second option is more preferable, when the actions of the teams are monitored in the first half. They wager on corners for the whole match based on the teams’ stats by corner.

Corner bets for the whole match

First of all, you need to decide on the championships in which the teams earn a lot of corners. Obviously, they happen more often in championships, where teams constantly go on the attack and create dangerous moments. Conversely, there are few corners in championships, where teams try to play strictly on the defensive and rarely create dangerous moments. The most “fruitful” countries in terms of corners are

If we analyze the number of corners in the Dutch championship, we will see the following picture:

Most often, the total for the whole match for the matches of the Dutch championship is 10.5. We see that enough teams have many matches in which the total number of corners exceeded the 10.5 mark.

We will choose fights in which two teams will meet, highlighted in red. Pay attention to home and away matches. It happens that the club earns a lot of corners at home, carrying out a large number of sharp attacks. On the road, he can sit out in defense, while the number of corners decreases.

Bet on total over corners in the second half

A more progressive strategy is betting on total corners in the second half. Bettor must watch the first half, analyze the attacking potential of the teams and make the right bet.

More corners happen in fights where opponents put up more attacking players. Wingbacks and defenders often go forward, shoot, cross and threaten the goal. As a result of active actions, the ball from the defenders goes beyond the endline, and the referee appoints the kicks.

While watching the first half, the main focus should be on the play of the full-backs and midfielders of both teams. The ideal option would be if the teams play a lot on the flanks, as in England, or the main game takes place at the gates of both teams, as in Germany, Holland and the Scandinavian championships. With tacos

Three-way total is more than corners in bets, what does it mean?

Many novice cappers ask themselves the question: Three-way total, what is it and how to use it in sports betting? QWE.bet specialists gave a detailed answer in this article. So, this is a total of three outcomes (more, less, equal), it is also called 3way and three-way. Due to the difficulty in forecasting, it is not popular and successful among bettors.

Here is an example of a three-way total and the odds that are given on the outcomes. As you can see, they are quite large.

Let’s say you choose that there will be exactly three goals in the match, then if you win, your bet amount will be multiplied by the odds of 3.74.

If you bet on More than 3, then 0, 1, 2 and 3 goals in the match are a loss, and 4 or more goals scored are a pass.

To pass a bet Less than 3, in this case, the teams need to score 2 or less goals in the match. If there are 3 or more goals – the bet does not work and there are no refunds!

Three-way total for corner

The essence of bets is the same as for the three-way total on the outcome of the match, and the calculation is carried out in the same way as described above. However, the quotes for “equal” are much higher, and in general the coefficients are very tempting.

We do not recommend betting on “Equal”, as it is very difficult to guess the exact number of corners taken. But “More” or “Less” can and should be played, because thanks to the analysis and viewing of statistics, it is not so difficult to make a passable choice.

Bets on individual three-way total

In addition to the outcome in the match, the number of corners taken in the duel, there is also a three-way individual total. This is when goals or achievements of one team / athlete are taken into account. The calculation and essence of the bet are the same as in the total of three-way bets on the outcome of the match, corners, as described above. But, if you bet on the individual total of the team, for example, the first, and that it will be more than 2, then the hosts themselves must score 3 or more goals. Only goals against the opponent are counted, not the total score.

How to bet on corner kicks in soccer games?

A Letter to the Bookie: How Sports Betting Earned Me Cryptocurrency

Almost all bookmakers provide clients with a myriad of events where they can make money. On the same football match, the number of betting options can exceed 200! However, most players prefer to use the standard gentleman’s set: bets on a win or a draw, and in extreme cases on a win with a handicap or totals. And this is most likely correct. If you can theoretically predict the winner with a little understanding of football and based on statistics, then in other cases, many unpredictable factors interfere with the matter.

The exception, perhaps, is betting on corner kicks. Of course, the exact number of corners, as well as the exact score, is difficult to predict. However, it is quite possible to “estimate” the total number of such standards or to calculate who will win by the number of kicks in from the corner of the football field.

Most often, two strategies are used to earn money on corner kicks: total corners and “Two”.

Corner kick totals

This way of playing is used mainly in live mode. Bets are made during the half-time match on total corners “over”, subject to certain conditions:

1. Total corners after the first half must be over 8.

2. Teams must take approximately equal number of corners in the first half.

3. The score after the first half is equal, in extreme cases, the difference in the score should not exceed 1 goal.

4. The difference between the total corners set by the bookmaker at the end of the match and the total corners after 1 half must not exceed 5.5.

5. The bookmaker has set the odds for the total corners “over” 1.75 or higher.

The strategy is quite viable, but the criteria for selecting matches to work with it are quite strict. So you won’t be able to make money quickly with it.

Kopeck piece

This strategy, although not a win-win, can still bring a stable profit to the player. It is based on betting on favorites. Such bets are entered often, but the odds for the favorite to win are usually underestimated by all bookmakers.

In order to get a good profit from such a bet and at the same time not increase the risk of losing money too much, the player must add to the victory of the favorite in goals, his victory in the corners taken. Simply put, you need to collect these two outcomes into one express (fortunately, the rules of most bookmakers allow this). As a result, the coefficient rises significantly, often exceeding 2. Of course, risks also increase, but not so much. At the same time, the lost express is easily beaten off by the next bet.