How the Asian Handicap is calculated

What is Asian Handicap betting — how it works?
In the football lists of bookmakers, you can find bets on Asian handicaps and totals . This calculator is used to determine the profit and loss from trades. With its help, it will turn out to convert fractional values ​​of handicaps and totals into possible winnings. The player only needs to transfer the size of the coefficients from the list to the calculator, which will give the final result.

Asian Handicap and Total  Calculator

If there are no questions with the usual handicap, then beginners have difficulties with the Asian ones. But if you figure it out once, then there will be no difficulties in the future. In simple terms, the Asian Handicap is the union of two adjacent handicaps. This uses quarter fractions. Roughly speaking, a bet with a handicap of +2.75 means two handicaps with +2.5 and +3.

The win is considered as the sum of the profits from two adjacent handicaps at the appropriate odds. The bet amount is split in half for each option. That is, to put 100 rubles on F (+2.75) is the same as playing in single orders of 50 rubles. on Ф (+2.5) and Ф (+3). The calculation of the bet is determined in the same way as for two single bets.
It should be remembered that the sign in front of the handicap number means in which direction the goals should be scored. If this is a minus, then the team must score more than the specified number. If the score is positive, the team should lose with a smaller margin.

How to use the Asian Handicap Calculator

Using the handicap calculator is very easy. Enter the numbers of the bookmaker coefficient and the handicap. As a result, we will get a complete calculation with details:

Asian Handicap and Total 1 Calculator

In this case, we have chosen a positive handicap for the guests of 1.75 with odds of 2. Let’s assume that the match ended with the home team winning 1-0. This means that two bets played on H (1.5) and H (2). If the bettor allocated 100 rubles, then the total won was 200 rubles.

If the score was with a difference of two goals, then the first deal was a loss, and the second was a return. Therefore, out of a hundred rubles, 50 rubles are returned to the player. If one bet entered, and the second – a return, then in this case the calculation was as follows:

Asian Handicap and Total 2 Calculator

Going through different options before the start of the match, the bettor will be able to choose the optimal ways of playing for himself, and he will know exactly all possible layouts, depending on the results.

What is Asian Total

Having dealt with the handicaps, let’s move on to the totals. It uses a similar approach with quadruple values. That is, the office offers its clients to place simultaneously bets on two standard totals, which are replaced by one Asian. In the paintings of some BC, it is written like this: 2.5 and 3, or 2.75. But the essence does not change from this. The bet is calculated as the sum of two adjacent totals.

And in this case, the rate is split in half. This is a kind of insurance, as in the previous case, when it is possible to return part of the money. Let’s say the bettor bet on TB (3.75). This means that two deals are played for totals. If four goals are scored in the match, then one option is played, and the second is returned.

How the online totals calculator works

Calculations are carried out as elementary as for handicaps. We select in the “Totals” field, indicate more or less, and write the data:

Asian Handicap and Total 4 Calculator
This is the calculation for TB (3.75), when the score of the fight is 4-0. It is enough for the player to enter the values ​​correctly, and he will receive full details of the transaction.