There’s more to see than the classic districts of Fuorisalone. Here’s the map of alternative locations to uncover during Milan Design Week 2018

Stefano Boeri Architetti

For some years now, the expression “Outside Fuorisalone” has become commonplace in the world of Milan Design Week to describe any event that’s not part of the classic design districts.

An ever-expanding universe, Milan’s Fuorisalone has engaged the entire city beyond the fairgrounds of the Salone del Mobile since the 1980’s. Today, that expansion continues and in addition to the adored design districts like Brera and Tortona, everyone keeps talking about the events outside of Fuorisalone.

To help you navigate the waters, we’ve prepared a little introduction to the events and initiatives in the margins of Milan Design Week.

Stefano Boeri Architetti

The future of living and the planet of the future (from April 17 - 21 at The Mall, Piazza Lina Bo Bardi 1).

How would you decorate a house on Mars? The curator at this year’s Space&Interiors 2018 is none other than Stefano Boeri, among the most conscientious architects when it comes to environmental design.

Inspired by a “green” colonization project on Mars developed for the city of Shanghai, this exhibit at The Mall will take you to the Red Planet and back in an immersive experience. The gorgeous curation is paired with products from some of the biggest names in architecture and interior design for a show to explore the future of materials and objects along with new ways of living at home and in the city.

Ruy Teixteira

Alcova (from April 17-22 at the former Cova bakery, Via dei Popoli Uniti 11).

We already told you about the history of NoLo, the neighborhood north of Loreto. Take the metro up to Rovereto, the epicenter of events in the former Cova bakery here in the heart of NoLo. For the entire week, Valentina Ciuffi and Joseph Grima will transform this abandoned beauty into Alcova: 20 exhibitors from northern Europe, working together to escape “from the bubble of design”. The project looks to create a dialogue between cultures in the heart of a community facing multicultural integration.

#Sendmethefuture, the “epistolary” collective exhibit (Subalterno1 Gallery, Via Conte Rosso 22).
Courtesy Photo

Subalterno1 Gallery has sent 100 designers a mysterious letter — a call to arms so speak — to imagine their own future through a time twisting exhibit. The biggest names of Italian contemporary design have been asked to participate in the collective show by sending their proposals through the Italian Post Office. It’s a look at the fast-moving future through the dragging pace of snail mail.

Stories. Italian Design (from April 14, 2018 to January 20, 2019 at the Triennale Design Museum, Viale Alemagna 6).
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The Triennale Design Museum has attempted to respond to a simple question each year during Milan Design Week since 2007: “what is Italian design?” A mutating museum, who in its 11th appearance at the international event, proposes “the history of Italian design through a multitude of stories, which together, helps define its complex nature.” 180 works displayed chronologically through 5 periods from 1902 to 1998. Be sure to catch the other 5 broad-ranging themes: Politics, curated Vanni Pasca; Geography and Economy, both curated by Manolo De Giorgi; Technology, curated by Raimonda Riccini; and Communication, curated by Maddalena Dalla Mura. Studio Calvi Brambilla will be designing the exhibit, while curation is in the hands of Chiara Alessi, with direction by Silvana Annicchiarico.

The Triennale Design Museum will also be presenting the exhibit Design and Territory from April 15th at the Belvedere of Monza’s Villa Reale. Five exhibits under the art direction of Giuseppe Basile, focused on design in Monza and Brianza. Among the shows, don’t miss “Ritrovare Gianfranco Frattini”, to rediscover the often overlooked designer.

Francisco Gomez Paz

De Rerum Natura (from April 13-22 at Cascina Cuccagna, in Via Cuccagna, ang. Via Muratori 2/4)

Just around the corner from Porta Romana, Cascina Cuccagna’s green courtyard appears as a blooming oasis in a cement city. Sprawling over 4,000 square meters both indoors and outdoors, the space will host De Rerum Natura, a project for happy symbiosis.

The program is focused on the relationship between man and nature in an investigation through exhibits, meetings, and workshops. Among the many pieces on display, all eyes will be on Eutopia, by Argentinian designer Francisco Gomez Paz: a Paulownia wood chair that’s beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

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